Do You Have What it Takes to Ascend to the Throne of the

Mental Toughness Mastery takes you inside the minds of the world’s
greatest performers.

In this 12 CD series, Steve Siebold examines the thought processes, habits, and traits of world-class performers…and suggests ways you can elevate your level of consciousness and operate at the pinnacle of your potential.

The World-Class Are Not Any Smarter or More Educated Than the
Middle-Class…But They Are Tougher…Mentally

The philosophy of this program is that the only thing separating the middle-class from the
world-class is a series of subtleties in what they believe, what they expect, and how they
The average person is fully capable of attaining world-class results by transforming
the way they approach their life by simply adopting the habits of thought of the world’s most successful, fulfilled, happy people. sal


The Middle-Class Seek Comfort…The Upper-Class Seek Power…The
World-Class Seek Happiness

This program will challenge you to become more mentally engaged than ever before…and to reevaluate and reconsider your world-view through critical thinking…all delivered in an unscripted, entertaining, conversational style. Steve Siebold brings a lifetime of experience of competing against, coaching, and studying the habits, beliefs and behaviors of world-class performers. Major corporations pay him in excess of $10,000 per day to teach their sales and management teams the mental performance secrets of champions.

The foundation of Mental Toughness Mastery is the idea that everything we become, achieve and think about is the
direct manifestation of our current level of consciousness.
MTM divides consciousness into five different levels beginning
with the Poverty Class on the bottom of the ladder up to World-Class on the top. This series helps you make the distinction
between the five levels and exactly where you fit on the ladder, as well as how to move up to the next level.
(Both personally and professionally)

Subscribers to Mental Toughness Mastery include Fortune 500 companies, Direct Sales and Management teams,
and entrepreneurs throughout the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and Scandinavia.

The most frequent comment we receive on Mental Toughness Mastery is: “Wow…I never thought about it that way!”

The Middle-Class Will Always Serve the World-Class

People stuck in the cesspool of middle-class consciousness will always be subservient to those who choose to escape
the bonds of mediocrity. Human nature and past experience would lead us to believe that the top 5% of society will always
control the bottom 95%. The sad fact about this is that the world-class as a whole are no more educated or intelligent
than the average person. The difference lies in the cause of all results: Thinking. The average person is thinking thoughts
of comfort, contentment, and survival. The world-class are thinking thoughts of health, wealth, and happiness. Since all of
us are a product of our dominant thoughts, we tend to manifest results that are in direct harmony with our current level of consciousness.

The Great Ones Think Big, Act Bold, And Dare to Dream

All great champions have learned to take calculated risks, but they are not gamblers. Mental Toughness Mastery examines
and identifies the methods and philosophies that champions use to propel themselves from obscurity to prominence, and it
explains how the great ones literally talk themselves into their tremendous success while fostering feelings of fulfillment.

Are You Selling Yourself Short?

Are you really living up to your full potential? If you continue to learn and grow at your current pace, will you live among the
world-class in the next 5 years? 10 years? Mental Toughness Mastery is designed to accelerate your level of consciousness
so you can generate the results you desire…fast. Once you become aware of the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you
back, you can literally re-write the script to your life story from this day forward.

Begin Your Journey to the Top Today!

The first step to world-class consciousness is to learn the habits, traits and philosophies of the superstars. Consistent exposure
to their million-dollar mindset will transform the way you see and experience the world, which has always been the secret to rapid change. This series will serve as a catalyst to expand your personal and professional expectations far beyond your current level of belief.

The Big Time Awaits You

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